Quality and environment

One of our strengths is that we take responsibility for manufacturing and complete installations all the way from design and construction to commissioning and maintenance. We carry out all kinds of assignments in industrial pipes, industrial service and manufacturing.

The Power Heat group is certified according to the quality standard ISO9001:2015, the welding standard SS-EN ISO 3834-2 (comprehensive welding requirements) and SS-EN 1090-1, for the construction of steel structures. The higher the requirements, the better we feel at work. Whether it's welding in materials that have to withstand high pressures and temperatures or putting together a maintenance contract for a large facility.

Safety first in the queue

We follow a specially developed manual that guarantees that the work is carried out with the greatest consideration for the environment and safety. The work with the environment and work environment is integrated into our daily work and our operating system follows SS-EN ISO 14001:2004 for environment, and SS-ISO 45001:2018, management system for work environment.

We are used to working in facilities with high safety requirements and have, for example, training in heavy and safe lifting, traverse and lift operation, forklift licence, hot work and first aid. The staff have safety training according to SSG-entre and are registered according to ID06.