Licence welding

Licence welding means that we at Power Heat have an approved welding procedure (WPS) and authorised welders. Our employees have undergone welding tests according to SS-EN ISO 9606-1 for most commonly used materials, and are well acquainted with welding procedures (WPS) according to SS-EN ISO 15614-1.

With licence welding, we at Power Heat can ensure that our welding work is carried out according to both regulatory and customer requirements, and that the intended standard and quality class is met.

Licence welding in many methods and materials

At Power Heat, we want to be able to offer comprehensive licence welding services, and we have mastered methods such as

  • MMA metal arc welding with coated electrode, method 111
  • TIG welding, method 141, 142
  • MIG/MAG welding, method 131, 135 / 136, 138
  • Oxy-acetylene (gas) welding, method 311
  • Flame brazing, method 912.

We have a welding expert with an IWT/EWT certificate. We weld in different materials and can weld in

  • stainless and acid-resistant steels
  • duplexa steel
  • carbon steel
  • pressure vessel steel.

We have a lot of experience in welding pressure vessel steels such as

  • P235GH
  • 16Mo3
  • 13CrMo44
  • 10CrMo910
  • X10CrMo.

We take licence welding seriously so that you as a customer can always rely on the job being done in accordance with the procedure. That it's done properly, plain and simple. At Power Heat, we have more than 100 welding data sheets (WPS) for sheet metal and pipes that carefully specify all welding parameters based on the respective welding procedure (WPQR), which is based on procedure samples according to SS-EN ISO 15614-1.

At Power Heat, our quality system is based on

Licence welding is, of course, about doing things one hundred percent correctly. This is why we rely on our operating system, which is certified according to the SS-EN ISO 3834-2 standard, which deals with quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

For plants or products with regulatory requirements, we at Power Heat follow the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). For load-bearing steel structures, we are certified according to SS-EN 1090-1 and provide performance declarations (CE marking) for our products. It is safe to work with welders who have an approved welder's examination and knowledge of licence welding.

You are very welcome to contact us and we will tell you more about our work with licence welding and more.