Industrial pipes - turnkey contracts

We at Power Heat are based in Malmö, and we have long worked with everything in industrial pipes throughout the Nordic countries. With us, you get a contractor who takes overall responsibility all the way from planning to commissioning.

Power Heat has extensive experience in qualified pipework and pipe installation, as well as process pipe installation and pipelines in heavy industries. We help you with:

  • contracting
  • manufacturing
  • service
  • maintenance work.

Industrial pipework installations are manufactured and assembled to meet both regulatory and customer requirements. It is therefore important that the right quality is achieved. For each project, we appoint a project manager who ensures that the installation and inspection documentation is well structured and correctly executed. We also have a welding expert with IWT/EWT certification.

Process pipework installation

Process piping installation is a specialised service in industrial piping installation. This means creating and installing pipework systems that are customised for specific industrial processes or applications. We always know what the requirements are and tailor the installation to your needs.

Expertise and end-to-end solutions in process and industrial pipework

We work with both simple solutions and advanced installations for industry. In addition to our own skilled staff, we also have experts in heat treatment and construction. At Power Heat, we are specialists in process and industrial pipes, and several of our certified welders and fitters have specialised in a particular area, for example:

  • high pressure steam material piping in power plants
  • district heating and cooling
  • stainless steel pipelines for chemical processes
  • pipelines for food and pharmaceuticals
  • process pipework installation
  • pipelines for food and pharmaceuticals
  • pipelines for high pressure gas installations.

We at Power Heat know your industry and can deliver everything from minor repairs and remodelling to large contracting projects with overall responsibility for a complete installation and documentation. The industries we are active in are:

If you have any questions or concerns and want to know more about pipe installation, us or our work with industrial pipes, feel free to contact us, we are with you all the way.